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Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic uses a unique natural approach to treatment for low back pain, neck pain and in the muscles and joints of the human body. The basis of Chiropractic is rooted in the firm belief that the human body has an ability to heal and repair itself. Chiropractic treatment assists the body to regain its natural ability to restore health, overcome pain and restore balance that is disturbed by disease, injury, stress, bad posture and dietary mistakes. Many studies suggest that Chiropractic is the best treatment for neck and back pain. Many patients have received complete relief from pain through this natural approach to health care.

Millions of successful back pain treatments throughout the world have used Chiropractic care to demonstrate the ability of chiropractic treatment to help patients regain their health naturally--without drugs and without surgery. Manipulation or adjustment of misalignments in the spine or the vertebral column is part of the holistic method of treating many disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Pain and disease may be caused by the misalignment of the spine, hence chiropractic treatment involves realigning of the spinal column by manual manipulation, massage and other gentle methods. Dr. Dean Goodman is an experienced Santa Monica chiropractor who understands that proper diet, core strengthening exercise and rest also factor into a natural healing program.

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I used to get migraines nearly once a week, but after receiving treatment from you on a regular basis, my life and my health have changed for the better. Of course, I still get an occasional headache every now and then, but the migraines which used to leave me nearly bedridden have completely disappeared. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to chiropractic care and helping me realize that I don’t need to take an Advil to get results!!! — Tara H.

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