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Tara H.

I used to get migraines nearly once a week, but after receiving treatment from you on a regular basis, my life and my health have changed for the better. Of course, I still get an occasional headache every now and then, but the migraines which used to leave me nearly bedridden have completely disappeared. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to chiropractic care and helping me realize that I don’t need to take an Advil to get results!!!


I used to suffer from constant and intense lower back pain that would radiate into my left leg. I had attended physical therapy sessions... but that did nothing to help my pain. After just a few treatments with the Flexion / Distraction table, the Doctor was able to decompress the bulging disks that were pressing on a nerve. I no longer have any low back pain or any pain in my left leg

Jeff A.

"I've been seeing Dr. Goodman for about 5 years for two simple reasons: he's an effective chiropractor and it's a joy to be his patient. Dr. Goodman is someone who makes an effort to understand the varying needs of his patients and prescribes individualized treatment based on his professional understanding of the patient's body structure, habits, and type of work. I wouldn't see any other chiropractor."

Malia J.

As a triathlete and middle distance runner, I was frustrated with many doctors, physical therapists, and other chiropractors who told me to limit my activity to remedy my lower back pain. Limiting my activity only made things worse, and besides it's just not part of my lifestyle! Dr. Dean's experience with both chiropractic medicine and endurance sports was just what I needed to keep me on track. Under his care, my lower back pain resolved completely and now I just need to go in for a minor adjustment every few months or less

Kim S.

I first visited Dr. Goodman 11 years ago because of an acute, sports-related, lower back injury. I was skeptical of chiropractic, but I was desperate as my injury made walking, standing, sitting, and sleeping miserably painful. Dr. Goodman had me back on my feet and pain-free after a handful of sessions. I was so impressed with the recovery he facilitated, that I have been a loyal patient every since, seeing him every 3-4 weeks for regular chiropractic maintenance that has left me with better mobility, posture, and freedom from recurring injury. I particularly appreciate that Dr. Goodman prepares the back with heat and gentle stretching before attempting corrective action, is very gentle when performing manual adjustments, uses additional therapeutic tools (muscle stimulators, activators, massage, ice, etc.) when necessary, and gives me exercises I can do at home that will improve my back strength and posture. For those considering chiropractic care, I cannot recommend Dr. Goodman highly enough!

Michael H.

I’ve been going to Dean for several years for ongoing maintenance. Being a very ‘active’ runner and a cyclist myself, I so appreciate that Dean understands the runners body, his in-office treatments are great, and he gives me lots of stretching to deal with specific issues I have. With me, it’s lower back, discs, and hips – he gets it. And his neck-work is the best!

Kevin N.

"Dr. Goodman always has his patients total health in mind. Unlike other doctors I have visited, he tailors the type and amount of treatment to the situation at hand. He also does a wonderful job of providing an evolving set of helpful exercises to drive the healing and strengthening process. I always leave his office feeling better and encouraged about my health."

Kandis E.

Every woman in my family has some degree of scoliosis except for me. Dr. Goodman has taught me the value of prevention. I love being treated by Dr. Goodman because he is extremely knowledgeable and practices what he preaches. His positive energy and expertise are what keeps me coming back month after month. Thanks for helping walk tall Dr. G!!!

Bonnie G .

"Dr. Dean Goodman is both intuitive and masterful in his ability to read and manipulate the human body to reach its greatest potential. I have been a patient of his since 2006 and his treatments are some of my body's happiest treats! I come away aligned, balanced, relaxed, pain-free, and stronger."

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