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About Dr. Dean Goodman D.C.

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Dr. Goodman has practiced in SM for more than 38 years. He specializes in the treatment and prevention of athletic and work-related injuries. His approach to total health care and fitness emphasizes the importance of exercise, nutrition and mind/body alignment. He is an accomplished long-distance runner who has completed 26 marathons including the 2010 Boston Marathon. He has run at least one marathon per year for the past 13 years. He specializes in injury prevention, health maintenance and self-care and has published numerous articles about health, fitness, natural healing and longevity.

Our natural holistic approach to chiropractic care recognizes that proper alignment, core strength, muscular and emotional balance can help your body to heal and repair itself naturally. The precise, gentle and effective re-alignment and mobilization of your spine and other structures l allows your nervous system to send and receive signals that enable your body to do all the marvelous things it is capable of doing.

Dr. Goodman has completed more than 30 marathons including the 2010 Boston Marathon in 3:36


I used to get migraines nearly once a week, but after receiving treatment from you on a regular basis, my life and my health have changed for the better. Of course, I still get an occasional headache every now and then, but the migraines which used to leave me nearly bedridden have completely disappeared. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to chiropractic care and helping me realize that I don’t need to take an Advil to get results!!! — Tara H.

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